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About us

conXus is a privately held company dedicated to delivering professional business development. Our core services are centered around representation and support of foreign companies in our marketplace. Clients consider us a local extension and amplifier of their own business capture and development teams and we work in furthering of their business goals.

We specialize in Business-to-Government Campaigns and Major Capital Project Pursuits, in particular within Defense, Homeland Security and Aerospace.

That being said, our clients generally span multiple Industries and we are always available to discuss how our experience can be applied to a new case.

Commitment to Ethical Behavior and non-competition

We commit ourselves to the most stringent ethics of international business and the transparency required to uphold such. conXus personnel are trained and re-trained annually in business and anti-corruption practices as well as export controls. Our company undergoes due diligence several times a year from new and existing Clients. conXus is also TRACE vetted and TRAC registered.

conXus is exempt from DDTC registration, as we are not a U.S. Person.

Further to properly demonstrate our pledge to integrity; conXus is contractually bound to non-competition against its existing product portfolio.